Director's Message

I take great pleasure in introducing you to Green & More. Across the last 3 decades I’ve spent in landscaping & construction, there have been many changes to how people perceive the landscaping industry. People have become more willing to acknowledge the fact that competent landscaping is one of the most important investments you can make into your property.

Through the past years, we have been maximizing our resources and increasing the long-term sustainability of our landscaping methods to guarantee our clients a prosperous investment and a unique lifestyle.

Regardless of these capability upgrades that match the rapid market changes, one thing remains unchanged; our philosophy of placing clients at the center of everything we do. Through the upcoming years, Green & More will continue to transform as we take on new challenges, but our commitment to treating every client as a special case will stay honored.

To conclude, I’d like to stress that at Green & More, we view landscaping as an aspect of regional culture that needs to be developed, preserved and passed on. This is an invitation for you to engage with Green & More and sense the wonders we can make by customizing our services specifically to your property and community.

Best regards,

Mr. Walid Hamdan – Managing Director.